Join us for an evening celebrating the media work of youth in NYC, highlighting student work from DCTV & The New School’s summer media intensives, proudly presented by DCTV & The New School’s Engage Media Lab hosted by DCTV on Tuesday, October 30th from 7-9



- Selection of 16mm Stop Motion/Animation projects (2016-2018), 5 min

Zip Culture (8 min),  HD video, 2016

Subtitle (7 min), HD video, 2016

Focus (7 min), HD video, 2017

Sculpted (7:30 min),  HD video, 2018

Infinity (6 min),  HD video, 2018


Blackout, 1978 (TRT: 3 minute excerpt)  Documentary

DCTV first summer film, about the blackout in NYC during the summer of 1978 

Como Agua, 2004 (TRT: 4 minutes) Experimental

An experimental film based on the cycle of life.

Nine 2 Five: The Other Side, 2005 (TRT: 8 minutes) Documentary

In a city like New York where some statistics say that one in every two black men are unemployed, how do people get by?  This documentary explores just a few avenues in a thriving Black Market economy in NYC. 

#BLACKLIVEMATTER, 2015 (TRT: 9 minutes) Documentary

Since January 2015, nearly 800 people in the US have been killed by police 

brutality. #Blacklivesmatter explores the movement that has developed in support of black people who have been killed in these police aggressions, as well as the impact of youth and their use of social media in the movements growth.

Simple Night, 2018 (TRT: 4:43 minutes) Animation

Mr. Raymond, a creature of habit, changes up his usual drink and finds himself on an unpredictable adventure 

AWOKE, 2017 (TRT: 10 minutes) Narrative

A narrative film that depicts the divisiveness and the aftermath of the 2016 election through the broken friendship between two college students.

Out with Christ, 2015 (TRT: 9 minutes) Documentary

Follow a young Queer student as she grapples with a conservative religious family and uncovers the discrimination and acceptance within Christianity. Out with Christ looks at how religion can be both a tool of healing and oppression for the LGBTQ community.

E Pluribus Unum, 2012 (TRT: 7 minutes) Experimental Narrative

The film follows the path of a single dollar through New York City in one day, highlighting the interconnectedness of the diverse peoples, cultures and lives in the city.


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