Global Youth Media


NINT: 5302
Instructor: Peter Lucas (Milano School of International Affairs)
Wednesdays 6:00 – 9:00 pm (offered next in Fall 2015)    

In this seminar, students study the international youth media movement and its relationship to human rights, peace education, the ethics of care, and critical pedagogy.  Beginning with a base in human rights, we will study in particular The Convention on the Rights of the Child and how a rights framework might guide youth media projects. Most youth media projects happen outside of formal schooling and here we will study the critical pedagogy movement and how transformative education has influenced popular education spaces.

We will also examine participatory media from an activist perspective and through the politics of representation.  Closely related is the emergence of indigenous media, digital inclusion, visual inclusion projects, citizen journalism, community radio, and the trickle down of these rights into youth media programs.  From here we will study how one sets up and designs a youth media project.  The final part of the class will consider how one packages youth media through online media environments, progressive outreach, networking strategies, action plans, and through human rights education.

Throughout the course, we will take a holistic view of youth media because many young people today are blurring the lines between image production, text, and sound design.  We will consider video production, photography, web design, youth journalism, radio reporting, music and DJ education, and other forms of new media.  All sessions will have in-class screenings along with the required readings. This class is intended for students who are interested in designing and running youth media / participatory media projects.  The course should also engage those who want to study youth and visual culture.  Finally, the course is extremely relevant for those who want to work as popular human rights educators with NGOs.


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