Girl Scouts: Digital Movie Maker

Starting in Spring 2015, The Engage Media Lab partnered with the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to help girls from across the five boroughs earn their Digital Movie Maker Badges. In this month-long program, EML trains and orients New School students to become media teachers capable of educating others in all aspects of digital video production. This program is scheduled to run again in March 2016. Updated dates and times will be released in December. Anyone interested in participating should contact or

[MAD]shops: Media Activism + Design Workshops

[MAD]shops are our skill-sharing, toolkit-building workshops for students of The New School and members of the public who are interested in community-engaged media making.

Past [MAD]shops

Designing Community Engaged Media Projects

Get inspired and learn how to design your own community-engaged media project! Listen to the experiences of transformative media makers in this hands-on workshop.

Audiovisual Narrative

Learn storytelling essentials, including basic photography and audio recording. In this workshop, we will lay the foundations for documenting and producing participatory media, as well as journalistic projects such as photo essays and podcasts.

Video Production & Post-Production Basics

This workshop will cover the basics of video production and post-production, including DSLR camera operation, audio recording for video, and editing techniques. We will also go over other aspects to consider when working on collaborative storytelling projects.

Reflecting on Outcomes & Packaging/Distributing Media

What happens after you finish your community-engaged media project? In the first half of this workshop, we will put into practice some reflective activities. In the second half, we will focus on packaging and distributing media: using online platforms to showcase projects and setting the atmosphere for social transformation to occur.

I Need to be Heard!

I Need to be Heard! is the flagship program of the Engage Media Lab. Beginning in January 2014, EML partnered with the Arab-American Family Support Center (AAFSC),  integrating into their vibrant after school program  to produce a new program on youth media making. Within our partnership, high school students from the AAFSC develop a series of digital media projects that they investigate, design, and produce themselves.

The media projects are an opportunity for young members of the community to examine major issues in their lives and to better communicate their points of view to the community at large. In small groups, students are working together on different projects that, in their own innovative and unique ways, explore the sometimes conflicting pressures they face regarding their futures, discuss what it means to grow up in the United States as Arab Americans, and address the socio-cultural complexities they confront every day at home and in school. The project encourages youth to work together and become outspoken young leaders in their community.

I Need to be Heard! is a winner of the Spring 2015 New Challenge, which allowed the program to grow and expand in new directions. As an ongoing, long-term project, IN2BH! is in need of additional staff, both as workshop facilitators and as logistical support. Anyone interested in participating in this project should contact