In 2012, 15 students from GPIA/Media Studies worked on human rights and media projects during the International Field Program (IFP).  One of the projects was a collaborative short film with the local NGO, Projeto Morrinho, in the community of Pereira da Silva.

 TV Morrinho, one of their many participatory media projects, creates short films about a miniature favela made with bricks and LEGO toys that stretches over 400 square feet in the heart of their community.  This permanent hillside installation, which draws many international visitors and media makers, challenges dominant perceptions about everyday life, youth culture, and the nature of play in favela communities. 

Barakana the Movie is a humorous and critical take on the displacement local favelas face with the pressures of mega-events such as the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.